Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Disorders Chewing, Speaking, Bad Habits How are they connected with orthodontics?



Nothing is making me get out of bed in the morning like the smile and sometimes even tears of a greatful patient.

Facial Rejuvenation

We change faces, we change lives! Let's make it count!

Gummy Smile

Surgery is needed just in extreme cases. For the rest you have just a better smile.


When you do heavy weight lifting daily your joints will suffer sooner rather then later.


What is really a balanced TMJ? Is Centric Relation really a constant?

OSA - Obstructive Sleep Apnea

More muscles, orthodontic choices and mandibular advancement devices.


Neuroscience & Psichology

The management of human interaction. Motivational factors that drive decision and behaviour.


I love sharing what I know with the caveat that it's what I think I know now!


The most misunderstood concept in orthodontics. I hope I can help bring some light


Another sensitive topic in today's orthodontics. I hope I can stretch the subject for easier understanding.

Bite Turbos & Splints

A great tool, mostly misunderstood and rarely used. Bite Turbos = Splint


How to greatly reduce the need for surgery. Class III becomes almost easy.


Orthodontic Biomechanics and how they change based on Doctor's Choices of Machine.

NO to GiveUp Orthodontics

Give your self the chance to figure out if you are actually a good orthodontist. If your patients don't follow your instructions you will never really know.


What if I told you that RPE is probably never needed?

Damon Ultima

A dream Machine. Orthodontic control redefined.

Philosophy and Machine

Orthodontic Treatment it's a combination of Biomechanical Choices implemented with the help of a Machine.

Bone Reshaping

Changes of biomechanics in a minimal forces environment. Bone reshaping reality or dream?

A & Ω of Orthodontics

Where does it all start? & Where does it all end?


Is there a relationship between languages and orthodontic anomalies?

Help a Child Save the World

Breathing is affected by the growth patterns modified by bad habits. Intercept them and help the child be more focused in school and maybe save the world tomorrow.

Online Gaming

When I need to take a break from real life nothing beats working with other humans in a virtual reality.